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Journal databases

Note: Library resource icon means resource requires UTORid login when connecting from off campus

  • Directory of Open Access Journals, Philosophy
  • Searching Philosopher's Index

    via Wichita State University Libraries

    note: When there is no direct link to a PDF in the search results, click on the button to see more options

    Searching for articles on the library homepage

    Start at the library homepage

    • Enter your search terms in the search field
    • Place words in quotations if you wish to search them together as a phrase e.g."philosophy of mind"
    • Connect ideas you want to search together with AND

    • Select 'View all articles from Summon'

    From the search results page:

    • 1. Click on the 'Details' button to read a brief summary of the article
    • 2. After you have found an article, click on the blue title to access it. If you are connecting from home you will be prompted to enter your UTORid and password

    Not getting the full text? Click the button at the top of the page.

    Print journal indexes