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Research Guides

History of Medicine (Fisher Library)

Osler Library of the History of Medicine

"The Osler Library of the History of Medicine opened in 1929 to house the collection of rare medical and other books donated by Sir William Osler, the renowned physician and McGill graduate and professor. Initially comprising 8000 titles listed in the Bibliotheca Osleriana, the collection - the finest of its kind in Canada - has grown to around 100 000 works including older, rare materials as well as current books and periodicals about the history of the health sciences and related areas."

The Wellcome Library

Wellcome Library, History of Medicine Collection

"With its international scope and comprehensive coverage, the collection provides a rich research resource that reflects a broad understanding of the history of medicine, and the course of medical thought and practice from the earliest times and in different social and cultural settings. Materials held in this collection facilitate historical study of all aspects of medicine, both its theory and practice, from anatomy, physiology, surgery, public health, specific diseases, etc. to medical discoveries and procedures, medical education, medical professions, services and organisations, health care and many more. They also include a vast range of biographical and autobiographical works and patient experiences of illness, as well as works on the history of science and other related subjects such as alchemy and chemistry, physics, botany, zoology and other areas of natural history, cookery, pharmacy, etc. There are also numerous works on general and social history, philosophy, religion, art and literature, bibliographies and other reference works such as encyclopaedias and dictionaries."

National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division

Heralds of Science, Smithsonian

Directory of History of Medicine Collections

Consortium for the History of Science and Technology