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Gerstein Science Information Centre

History of Science and Medicine: A Source Guide

This guide includes a selection of resources, both print and electronic, covering both the history of science and of medicine. It attempts to create an awareness of sources of information both traditional and beyond.

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Where to Find History of Medicine & Science Books

History of medicine and history of science books held at the University of Toronto are located in various libraries including, but not limited to, the Gerstein Science Information Centre, Robarts Library, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, and Victoria University - E.J. Pratt Library.

A Note on the Organization of History of Medicine & Science...

The multidisciplinary, eclectic nature of the history of medicine and science discipline (one of the many reasons why this can be such a particularly exciting and dynamic area of study!) doesn't always jive with the way library books are classified and organized. Put simply, if the work is considered to be more about history than science or medicine, it goes to Robarts; vice-versa to Gerstein.

This is why, for example, Charles Rosenberg's classic "The Cholera Years: The United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866" is in the Gerstein Science Information Centre, but Evans' history of cholera in Germany , "Death in Hamburg: society and politics in the cholera years, 1830-1910" is held at Robarts. 

Collection at Gerstein

Print material at Gerstein is organized in several locations:

Materials Location
Journals 1975 - Present Periodical Stacks
Journals 1700s - 1973    3 Below
Reference material    Ground Floor Reference Collection 
Books with Library of Congress call numbers 1 Below: A - QM
2 Below: QP - Z
Books with Old Class call numbers 2 Below, shelved after the Z call numbers

Collection at Robarts

Learn more about Robarts' stack organization here

Collection at the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library

Learn more about accessing the Thomas Fisher Rare Book collections here

Collection at E.J. Pratt Library

Learn more about the E.J Pratt Library at Victoria University here

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a rich source of documents scanned and mounted from various libraries in Canada and the United States.  All the items from the University of Toronto segment can also still be found in paper format at the owning branch.  Over 26,400 items from the Gerstein Science Information Centre and 4,200 items from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library are included in this site.