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VIC119: Myths and Legends in Modern Contexts

A guide created for students of Vic119, Ancient Narratives in Modern Contexts.

Reference Resources: Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Guides

Oxford Companion to World Mythology   BL312 .L44 2005 Pratt Reference and online

A Dictionary of World Mythology online

Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide  BL 687 .R47 2004 Pratt Reference

Who's Who in Classical Mythology  BL715 .G68 Pratt Reference and online

Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology  BL 715 .M37 1998 Pratt Reference

Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion   BL 715 .09 2003 Pratt Reference

Dictionary of the Bible   BS440 .B73 1996  Pratt Reference and online

Oxford Companion to the Bible  BS440 .M434 Pratt Reference and online

The Complete Dictionary of Symbols: in myth, art and literature  GR931 .C65 2004 Pratt Reference