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HIS493H5 Advanced Topics in Global History:Slavery in Islamic Societies

This guide is designed to support your research for systems of slavery in Islamic societies.

Cambridge Histories Online

A unique and valuable historical reference collection. It includes the full text versions of the hundreds of titles in the Cambridge Histories series.

The trick is to use the series you need and search within the set on your subject. If you serach for a topic in the entire set you will be swamped with results. In the upper right hand corner at the start of each collection you will see a search box. To stop it searching everything, you have to select

"this category". It will look like this example:

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Reference Collections

Often as one searches you encounter ideas and events you need authoritive background information for.

Many of your information needs are meet by the specialized sources on this page, however, if you need something not covered by these titles, the collections below could help.