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Member Fees

NOTE: This guide was created in 2012 and the membership fees for that year have been included for comparison. It is not our intention to maintain this page with the current fees but recommend that you consult the website of your association for the most up to date information.

Fees for 2012

Organization   Student Resident or post-grad
Professional Notes
Ontario Dental Association  $153.00 Post-Grad Student/Intern/Resident Free 1st year New Dentist
$525 2nd year
$848 3rd year
$1,695 Active
ODA membership is voluntary.
Canadian Dental Association Fees included with ODA You are a member of CDA if you have membership in your provincial or territorial dental association.
Dietitians of Canada    $95   

$95 Full-time Graduate

$148 1st year
$293 2nd year
$435 3rd year+
Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario $20 Undergraduate Nursing Student Associate $143.13 New Graduate Member $285.19 As a member of RNAO, you automatically become a member of the Canadian Nurses Association, and the International Council of Nurses. See RNAO Membership fees for discounts for a variety of interst groups.
Canadian Nurses Association Fees included with RNAO
Canadian Nurses Students' Association    Most students who are members of CNSA are members because their school is a Chapter Member of CNSA.
Occupational Therapists
Ontarios Society of Occupational Therapists Free $53 New graduate member
How to join
Canadian Association of Occupation Therapists Free $252 Membership Categories
Ontario Pharmacists Association $31 1st year
$58 2nd-4th year
$58 Intern or post-grad

$228 New practitioner
$578 Full member
$328 Hospital member

Other membership options include liability insurance.
Canadian Pharmacists Association Free for undergrads Free for full time grads and IPG bridging students Free 1st year after grad
$99 2nd year after grad
$199 membership only
$336 incl. eCPS
$498 incl. eTherapeutics+
Physician Assistants
Canadian Association of Physician Assistants $75       $400 Regular member
$250 Physician
$225 Allied Health Care
Ontario Medical Association $22 joint CMA/OMA $150 1st year $650
2nd year $1,270
3rd year+ $1,910
OMA membership is mandatory for physicians in Ontario and dues will be collected from OHIP billings or the physician can pay directly to OMA.
Canadian Medical Association $22 joint CMA/OMA $43 $430 CMA membership is optional for physicians in Canada. You must be a member of your provincial or territorial medical association to join the CMA or renew your membership.
Ontario Physiotherapy Association Fees included with CPA You can obtain membership in the OPA by joining CPA as an Ontario based physiotherapist.
Canadian Physiotherapy Association $168 $255 New Grads
Social Workers
Ontario Association of Social Workers $99    $99 if unemployed while attending school $145 1st year
$195 2nd year
$308 3rd year+
OASW is not affiliated with CASW.
Canadian Association of Social Workers Free Free $50 Affiliate member Social Workers who are members of one of CASW’s partner organizations are also members of CASW. Affiliate membership is offered to practitioners in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.
Speech-Language Therapists and Audiologists
Ontario Association of Speech-Language Therapists and Audiologists Free $125 New practitioner
OSLA membership fees
Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists $75 for duration of studies $271.45 full member