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Bora Laskin Law Library Guide to Finding Law Journals and Journal Articles

Interdisciplinary Databases

Criminology & Criminal Justice Databases
Social Sciences
Canadian Focus
Women/Gender Studies


Criminal Justice Abstracts

  • Available through EBSCOhost
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts is the primary academic abstracting resource in the field of Criminology. Although most of its source publications are American, Canadian and international content are also well represented. In addition to journal articles, Criminal Justice Abstracts indexes books, reports, unpublished papers and dissertations. Coverage: 1968+

NCJRS National Criminal Justice Reference Service

  • NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) is produced by the U.S. Dept. of Justice and its sub-agencies. One of the largest criminology/criminal justice libraries in the world, NCJRS hosts a sizable collection of full-text reports by agencies within the DOJ; it also houses material produced by state and local governments, international sources, books and journals. Good Canadian content. NCJRS is designed to meet the needs of policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners.

InfoTrac Criminal Justice

  • Available through Gale, Thomson Corporation
  • This resource indexes the core criminology, criminal justice and legal literature, and also includes major practitioner publications. Coverage: 1980+


  • Comprehensive coverage of all areas of Canadian law.  Continuously updated legislation, case law, access to legal indexes, over 70 full-text journals, and legal commentary.


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Criminal Spectrum

  • Provides continuously updated access to legislation, case law, and commentary.  Case law is updated on a daily basis.  Featured publications: Canadian Criminal Cases, Martin's Annual Criminal Code, Criminal Law Quarterly and Youth Criminal Justice 

Act Manual.

InfoTrac War and Terrorism

  • Available through Gale, Thomson Corporation
  • Provides full-text access to U.S. magazines, news publications, academic journals, and government reports. Coverage: 1997+


Sociological Abstracts

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Indexes a core set of sociological journals from 55 countries, in addition to non-core publications with sociological and criminological content. Items published since 2001 link to a list of references; many of these references link to a list of entries that cite the reference. Coverage: 1953+

Social Sciences Abstracts

  • Available through EBSCOhost
  • A major abstracting resource in the social sciences. This is primarily a U.S. resource, with Canadian and international coverage.

Social Sciences Citation Index

  • Available through ISI Web of Knowledge
  • The major online citation tool for the literature of the social sciences. Aside from performing conventional topic, author, or journal searches, users can also generate a list of articles/books that have cited a given work, by selecting "cited reference search". This is a particularly useful means of using an expert in the field or a seminal article to find related resources. Coverage: 1900+

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

  • Available through ProQuest
  • This resource, produced by the London School of Economics, provides broad, in-depth coverage of the sociological literature. Although its focus is primarily English-language material, IBSS also indexes resources published in other languages from the rest of the European Union. Coverage: 1951+

ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Indexes the applied social science and health literature from 16 countries. Coverage: 1987+

ProQuest Research Library

  • Covers the academic, practitioner, and newspaper literature of the humanities and social sciences. Good coverage of crime and criminal justice-related material. Also allows users to limit to scholarly journals. Coverage: 1971+

PAIS International

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Broad subject, source, and regional coverage.  Primary focus on public and social policy, extending also to criminology, law, sociology, sexual diversity and women and gender issues.  International in scope, and drawn from a range of source types: journals, books, government and international agency publcations, research and conference reports. Coverage: 1972+

Social Work Abstracts

  • Available through Ovid
  • Criminology/Criminal Justice coverage in this international abstracting service.  Source materials:  journals, books, dissertation.  Coverage:  1977+

Social Services Abstracts

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Criminology, crime & delinquency, and violence & abuse are armong the subject areas covered in this broadly sourced service.  In addition to journal articles, books, dissertations, conference papers, this service also indexes hIgh quality websites from educational, government, and scientific institutions.  Coverage:  1979+

Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective

  • Available through EBSCOhost
  • Somce criminology/criminal justice coverage extending from 1984 back to 1907. 



  • Available through ProQuest
  • PsycInfo is the major abstracting tool for the psychological and behavioural sciences literature, and is of particular interest to criminologists researching the psychology of crime and forensic investigation. Coverage: 1806+

InfoTrac Psychology eCollection

  • Available through Gale, Thomson Corporation
  • Indexes a sizable body of literature on the psychology of criminal behaviour.


  • Available through ProQuest
  • Provides full-text access to journals published by the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the APA Educational Publishing Foundation. Good coverage of the psychology of criminal, deviant, and antisocial behaviour. Coverage: 1894+


  • Available through OVID
  • Consult Medline for a psychiatric approach to the study of criminal behaviour. Coverage: 1950+


  • Available through OVID
  • This thoroughly indexed database maps keywords to subject headings. Try a keyword search on crime and access the directory tree for specific types of crime, e.g., arsonhomicidejuvenile delinquency. Strong emphasis on criminogenesis and the psychology of criminal behaviour.


Canadian Research Index

  • Available through ProQuest
  • This is the major indexing resource for federal, provincial, and territorial government publications. Below is a list of government agencies most relevant to criminologists and criminology students:
  • Correctional Service of Canada
  • Dept. of Justice Canada
  • Public Safety Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Services
  • Ontario Attorney General
  • Ontario. Community Safety & Correctional Services

To search or browse the publications of a particular department, select "Company/Org" from the drop-down menu beside the search box and type the name of the department. This resource is particularly relevant for those interested in government policy, research, and statistics. Coverage: 1980+

Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q)

  • Available through Gale
  • With the exception of a small number of American publications, the 400+ journals, magazines, and newspapers indexed by CPI.Q originate in Canada, making this a major Canadian resource for a broad range of subject areas, including Criminology. Coverage: 1977+

CBCA Complete

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Provides much-needed Canadian content. CBCA Complete indexes over 1600 journals, magazines, news and trade publications published in Canada or containing material pertinent to Canada. It consists of 4 specialized databases: CBCA Business, CBCA Current Events, CBCA Education, and CBCA Reference. Electronic coverage: 1982+; Full-text coverage: 1985+

CBCA Reference

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Full-text access to over 750 Canadian journals, magazines, and newspapers, covering a wide range of subject areas, including business and the social sciences. Of particular interest to Criminology students are reports of just-published crime statistics and criminal justice-related research papers. Electronic coverage: 1972+; Full-text coverage: 1988+


Contemporary Women's Issues

  • Available through Gale
  • An English-language resource whose source material (periodicals, grey literature and alternative literature) comes from all over the globe, covering information about women from more than 200 countries. Subjects of particular interest to criminologists and criminology students include the following: child abuse and neglectdomestic violenceprostitution and moral regulationreproductive rightsstalkingviolence and exploitation. Coverage: 1992+

Gender Studies Database

  • Available through EBSCOhost
  • An amalgamation of databases, primarily on women's issues, but also with a file on men's studies. Coverage: 1972+



  • Available through ProQuest
  • Consult this resource for literature on corporate and organized crime. Users can limit their output to scholarly information by selecting "Peer-Reviewed Journals." Coverage: 1918+

Business Abstracts

  • Available through Wilson
  • This database is a rich source of information about organized crime and the many varieties of corporate malfeasance, e.g., insider tradingfraudenvironmental crime, and antitrust violations. To find Canadian information, add canad* to your search statement, e.g., insider trading and canad*. The truncation symbol (*) allows you to search on multiple word endings, e.g., canada, canadian, canadians. Coverage: 1982+

CBCA Business

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Source material for this major Canadian indexing tool includes scholarly, professional, news, and trade publications. A good resource for news, commentary, and analysis of white collar, environmental, and organized crime. Electronic coverage: 1971+; Full-text: 1985+


  • A multidisciplinary database with a strong business component; allows users to search up to 20 databases simultaneously. Included amongst the business databases are ABI/INFORM GlobalCBCA BusinessAsian Business and Reference, and European Business. Users can limit their search to publication type, e.g., scholarly journals, trade publications, newspapers, dissertations, or specify companyindustry, and organizational type (e.g., small business, multinational, non-profit)



  • The online equivalent of Forensic Science Abstracts (Section 49 of EMBASE - Excerpta Medica Abstract Journal). FORS draws on over 4000 international biomedical journals, covering all aspects of criminal investigation. Provides much-needed coverage of European resources. Coverage: 1976+

Science Citation Index (Expanded)

  • Available through ISI Web of Knowledge
  • Useful for accessing scholarly forensic articles. Part of the Web of Science database group, SCI allows users to search for books and articles that cite a particular work. This enables researchers to use a key article within a subject area as a starting point to compile a list of related resources. Coverage: 1900+

General Science Abstracts

  • Available through EBSCOhost
  • Indexes approximately 150 popular and scholarly science journals. General Science Abstracts is an excellent resource for the non-specialist and offers good coverage of the forensics literature.

Anthropology Plus

  • Available through OCLC
  • A useful source of information on the criminal investigation of human remains. Coverage: late 1800+

BIOSIS Previews

  • Available through ISI Web of Knowledge
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the life sciences literature. Recommended for research in the areas of forensic anthropology, forensic toxicology, forensic entomology, and dna profiling.

Toxicology Abstracts

  • Available through ProQuest
  • Part of the larger Biological Sciences file. Toxicology Abstracts is a useful source of information on the criminal investigation of drug consumption and poisoning.

Other Legal Research Guides

Public International Law

  • A guide to research sources for public international law prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library. Based on the Bora Laskin Library's       International Legal Research tutorial by Susan Barker.

Treaty Research    

  • A guide to resources for treaty research prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library.

Administrative Law

  • A guide to resources for administrative law research prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library.

International Human Rights

  • A guide to research sources for international human rights law prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library. Based on the Human Rights Research tutorial by Susan Barker.

League of Nations Documents & Publications

  • A guide to researching Legaue of Nations Documents and Publications prepared by the Bora Laskin Law Library.

Government Resources for Foreign Countries

  • A research guide to major print and electronic foreign countries government information sources.

United Nations Research Resources: A Guide

  • A guide to key resources available for researching the activities and documents of the United Nations.

Research Guides by Ted Tjaden: