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Find books on a topic

Basic Search is a simple interface that allows you to locate sources by entering any word or phrase. The University of Toronto Libraries landing page includes a version of Basic Search shown in the following image:

Search box with green line around it.

Basic Search also has a dedicated landing page as pictured in the following image: 

Search box outlined with green line

On this dedicated page, you'll see a tool for limiting your search results to one of four formats: Books, Journals, Articles, Manuscripts. Choose one of these formats or leave the tool set to All Items. 

Basic Search landing page with item format menu highlighted.

As you start typing in the search box, a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to choose the kind of search you prefer. Currently these options are Everything, Catalogue, or Course Reserves; as illustrated in the following image:

Choose the option that best reflects your research or information need. 

Everything Most searches start by using the everything search. If you want to see results that include book chapters and articles, you need to choose this option.
Catalogue If you are searching only for physical materials in a library, full ebooks, e-journals, or streaming media, use the Catalogue option. But note, while this option gives you more tools to refine you results, it does not include journal articles or book chapters.
Course Reserves Looking for course material? This option limits search results to those chosen by course instructors to be used for teaching.

Finding eBooks in LibrarySearch

Find a specific book

To search for an exact book or article, search with quotations around your title phrase. 

LibrarySearch interface highlighting the title entered with quotations.

If searching with quotations around your title phrase is not successful, try using Advanced Search with the following settings:

  • Select "Title" from the first drop-down menu
  • Choose "is (exact)" from the next drop-down menu
  • Enter your title phrase with or without quotations
  • Select your preferred item format (if you have one)

Advanced search interface with first drop-down menu set to title, second drop-down menu set to the phrase "is exact", the title entered without quotations, and item format set to All items

Can't find what you're looking for?

You can request books and articles from other library systems using interlibrary loan.