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Find sociological articles

Sociology-specific databases, such as the ones below, are a great way of finding relevant sociological articles.  You could also try multidisciplinary databases such as JSTOR or Scopus.

Sociological Abstracts

Social Sciences Abstracts

International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS)

  • main focus: sociology, political science, anthropology and economics
  • 70% English language with translations available
  • more information

More sociology databases

Is your article peer reviewed?

Look up the journal by it's title or ISSN in Ulrich's Periodical Directory. Do not search by the title of the article, search by the title of the journal that the article comes from.

screen shot of the search box on the homepage of ulrichsweb. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology is typed in the box.

The referree jersey icon  tells you if the journal is peer reviewed.

screenshot of an ulrichsweb search results screen pointing out the referee jersey icon in the top two hits.



Google Scholar

FAQs about articles