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RLG325H5 UTM Visions and Revelations

A guide to support an assignment on ancient Jewish apocalyptic literature.

What Type of Search for you?

  • Library catalogue
    The library catalogue tells you what we have in the University of Toronto Libraries. You will find the catalogue tab at the top of the UTM Library web page.
    Remember as UTM students you may request material to be delivered to UTM from most of the UTL system
  • Article Search
    You will fund Summon under the "Articles" tab on the library home page. Summon is a powerful search engine that searches across many journals in a multitude of disciplines. Articles included in Summon will include links to take you to those items which we hold here at U of T.
  • Search "All"
    The All button on the library's home page is a way to start your search by searching our library catalogue and many of our databases all in one shot. Results will display categorized into books, journal articles, etc.

Library Catalogue

The type of search you do depends on the information you have available. If you know the title or author of a book on your topic, select title or author as your search field and enter the title of the book or the author's name.

However, many of you will just have the topic you are interested in or a few keywords. The subject field can frustrate searchers since it is looking for 'official' library subjects. To avoid this problem use the Anywhere option and enter a keyword(s).

Your search request will give a list of results found in the UTL catalogue. Use the options on the right hand side to focus on the results most relevant for you.

Article Search

Search by keyword and the huge multidisciplinary database will give you a very broad range of articles. You will need to refine your search. See the example below.

You may find it more effective to consult the FINDING ARTICLES tab in this guide for subject focused databases in RELIGION