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Black Canadian Studies


Use the following sites to identify images. Resources in the 'Online Books and Texts' folders may also include images. Ensure that you have copyright permission before you reproduce any images.

AV, Music, DVDs...

The University of Toronto Libraries hold a large and varied collection of audio-visual materials, including videos, dvds, music, slides and so on. Key libraries on the St. George campus include:

The Media Commons Audiovisual collection
Material from the Audiovisual collection are listed in the general library catalogue. The Audiovisual Web site provides tips on how to search the catalogue to find AV material.

The Music Library
Includes research on music, sheet music, and recordings. See the Music Library Web Site for details. Recordings cannot be borrowed, but can be listened to in the library.

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/UT has a strong AV collection for use in education. Materials are listed in the general U of T library catalogue.

Bibliographies & filmographies

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