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Black Canadian Studies


The Microtext collection is rich in historical documents and publications. It includes a number of African American collections listed below. Black Canadian newspapers on Microfilm are listed in the 'Newspapers' folder. The Microtext collection is located in the Media Commons on the 3rd floor of Robarts Library. Machines are available to read or print. You will find some of our microfilm and microfiche titles listed in the library catalogue, followed by the word [microform]. You can also find more detailed guides to microform collections on the Microforms Web Site.

Key Black American collections are listed below. A complete list of microfilm collections is held in a set of binders at the Media Commons help desk.


Here are some tools for identifying Archival collections of interest to Black Canadian Studies.

For further information about archival research see: Archival Research Resources

Special Collections @ UofT

Indexes/Guides to Archival Material

Use these to identify relevant archival collections or materials.