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Black Canadian Studies

Journal Indexes for Black Canadian Studies

Use a journal article database to identify articles. To choose one:

Select Databases / By subject A to Z  on the library home page.

Choose a subject area relevant to your topic, e.g., Canada, History, Literature

Key databases are listed below.

How to search an index

Once you are in the index, you must enter a search strategy to find articles on your topic. Think about different terminology. If you are looking for older articles from the mid-20th century or earlier, you may need to use dated terms.

Here are some examples:

black canadians and poetry
"black canadians" and poetry

blacks and canada and poetry
(black canadian* or african canadian*) and poet*
(black* or africa*) and canad* and poet*

(carib* or west indi* or jamaica* or trinidad* or barbad*) and work* and toronto
(for people of caribbean origin in the workforce in toronto)

(black* or africa*) and canad* and curricul*
(for Black or African Canadians and school curricula)


  • 'and' focuses by finding articles with all of the terms 
  • '* (star or asterisk)' finds different word endings (note: some indexes use a different symbol than an asterisk) 
black* finds black or blacks
africa* finds africa or african
canad* finds canada or canadian

work* finds work, worker, workers, workforce
  • 'or' finds alternatives, such as black or african
  • '" " quotes' find words together as a phrase, such as "african canadian" or "black canadian"

Get the journal

  • If you see a [fulltext] or pdf link, select it.
  • If you see a Get!it button button, select it. This will link to the article online, if we have it. If we don't have it online, it will search the library catalogue for you to tell you if we have it in print.

To find an item from a bibliography:

  • Method 1: Go to the library home page and enter your article title in the search box. It may help to put quotes on the title. This should find your article if it is online. 
  • Method 2: Look up the name of the journal that the article is published in. Write down the name of the library, and the journal's call number in that library. Make sure we have the volume that you want.