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Criminology and Sociolegal Studies

Public Policy

Canadian Research Index

This is the major indexing resource for federal, provincial, and territorial government publications.

To search or browse the publications of a particular department, select "Company/Org" from the drop-down menu beside the search box and type the name of the department. This resource is particularly relevant for those interested in government policy, research, and statistics. Coverage: 1980+

Public Policy - Key Government Sources (by Sam-chin Li, Government Documents Librarian)

Very thorough coverage of Canada, foreign countries, and IGOs.  Of particular interest in the Canada section are links to the Canadian Public Policy Collection, Google Canadian Government Documents, and LEGISinfo.

Public Policy and Governance (by Patricia Bellamy)

Offers extensive coverage of this topic, from traditional library resources (encyclopedias, tips on finding books, journal articles, newspapers) to websites;  check out some of the excellent sites in the Canadian information section.