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Criminology and Sociolegal Studies


Encyclopedias help students orient themselves to their topic and determine the parameters of their research papers.

Most encyclopedia entries also provide a list of recommended readings.

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Crime, Criminology, and Criminal Justice (General)

Violence and Homicide

White Collar and Organized Crime

Youth Crime & Justice





Prisons and Corrections

Sociology and the Social Sciences



Brief entries on nearly every conceivable aspect of law enforcement in the UK.

Useful to both legal professionals and laypersons. Relevant to countries whose legal systems are founded on English law.

Reasonably extensive coverage of categories of crime and crime theory. Good cross-referencing.

Brief coverage of selected topics in crime and criminology.

Covers  methods, theories, and practices; each entry followed by a brief list of Key Readings.
HV 6017 S24 2013


The Justis group of databases provides access to legislation and case law from the UK, the European Community, and the European Courts of Justice and Human Rights. Recommended for comparative purposes.
Example: Try the following search in the the Quick Search box, or under Cases, Legislation, or Articles to see how the UK deals the issue of mandatory sentencing as compared to Canada and/or the U.S.:
mandatory w/10 sentenc*
(w/10 = search terms within 10 words of each other
* is the truncation symbol, which searches multiple word endings, e.g., sentence, sentences, sentencing)

Produced by the Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto. Features sections on Race and Gender, Reproductive Rights, and Violence Against Women. Excellent Canadian content, with links to full-text, where available.


   HV 6025 A155 2009

HV6025 .O87 2002
Covers the history and theory of crime, perceptions of crime and criminality, types of crime, and reactions to crime both through formal sanctions, and societal responses. A somewhat more in-depth analysis can be found in this resource than in the criminological encyclopedias.