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FADIS (Fine Art Digital Imaging System) is a content management system designed for the teaching, studying and researching of art, architecture and visual culture. FADIS combines the digital management of electronic resources with a courseware system.

New Architectural Sites

New Material for the following sites: Bayeaux Cathedral (Calvados), Bordeaux Cathedral, Chartres Cathedral, Chateaux de Blois, Gloucester Cathedral, Jedburgh Abbey, Laon Cathedral, Reims Cathedral, Rouen Cathedral, Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire Abbey, Winchester Cathedral, Worcester Cathedral, and more French sites.

New Films Added:  Asian Short Film Collection

New World - Nouvelle France Collection several hundred images of early life in the New World, the watercolours by John White and prints from 16th and 17th century incunabula accompanying the accounts of the early voyages by the English, French, Spanish and Dutch have been added to FADIS.

Erich Matz Collection, East Asian Library, University of Toronto Early 20th century photographs of Germans in the colony of Tsingtao, China documenting life during WWI and POW life in Japan have been added to FADIS.

Russian Jews in China, Japan and Hollywood: The Leon Belasco (Berladsky) Family Photograph Collection Early 20th century photograph collection documenting the life of a Russian family living in Odessa and their move to Harbin, China and then to Hollywood. Donated by Prof. Lahusen, University of Toronto. Thic collection of photos, documents and postcards documents the childhood and family activites of Leonid or Leon Belasco, born in Odessa and later first violinist in the Tokyo Orchestra in Japan, and actor in Hollywood performing in the films Topper Takes a Trip (1938), Road to Morocco (1942), Casablanca (1942), Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) and many more films. See 

FINE ART PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION new additions of professional photos of historic sites constantly being added.

ARCHIVISION COLLECTION approx. 16,200 new images! For example:

Florence: San Lorenzo, Santo Spirito, Hospital of the Innocents, and more.

Istanbul: Hagia Sophia, and more.

Rome: Cornaro Chapel, Elephant Bearing Obelisk, Fonseca Chapel, Fountain of the Four River, Lateran Basilica, Porta del Popolo, Palazzo Chigi-Odescalchi, Palazzo del Quirinale Palace, Palazzo di Montecitorio, Piazza San Pietro, Scala Regia, Sant'Ivo alla Sapienzo, San Tommaso di Villanova, Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, Santa Maria della Pace, Santa Maria in Via Lata, Santa Prassede, and more.

Sicily: Segesta Temple, Temple of Concord, Temple of Juno, and more Greek sites.

American Architecture: Chicago: Auditorium Building, Fisher Building, Marshall Field and Company Store, Reliance Building, Chicago Tribune Tower, Marquette Building. Frank Lloyd Wright: Over 100 b/w photos of various sites added to FADIS, and more.

Canadian Architecture: Montreal: Place Bonaventure.  Toronto: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, York Region Administrative Centre, University of Toronto Buildings. Hamilton: Dundurn Castle, and more.

Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies Manuscript Collection in FADIS