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FADIS (Fine Art Digital Imaging System) is a content management system designed for the teaching, studying and researching of art, architecture and visual culture. FADIS combines the digital management of electronic resources with a courseware system.


Student Features in FADIS

Course and Lecture Carousels

Students can access complete course information where faculty make it available. Image lectures can be viewed online and downloaded as PDFs containing thumbnail images, image data and any lecture notes added by their instructor. In addition, students can view handouts and download any files posted to their course, view syllabi and access any external resources which are automatically generated as hyperlinks. Course syllabi are also available as PDF format.

Making Study and Presentation Carousels

Students have the ability to create study carousels (collections of images for review from course materia), and presentation carousels by searching or browsing through the repository. Collections can be arranged and notes added by using the Light Table tool.

Searching and Browsing

Students have complete access to the digital repository, including video and audio files through search and browse modes.