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Open Access & Education Research

This guide is intended as a resource on Open Access for faculty, researchers, and students at the University of Toronto with a focus on open access in the field of education.


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Articles and Blog Posts

Coonin, B. & Younce, L. M. (2010). Publishing in Open Access Education Journals: The Authors’ Perspectives. Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian, 29:118–132.
Accessible through the University of Toronto Libraries at:

Furlough, M. (2010). Open Access, Education Research, and Discovery. Teachers College Record, 112(10): 2623–2648.
Accessible through the University of Toronto Libraries at:

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Suber, P. (2010, November 6). Open Access Overview: Focusing on open access to peer-reviewed research articles and their preprints [Web log post]. Retrieved from:

Willinsky, J. & Alperin, J. P.(2011). The academic ethics of open access to research and scholarship. Ethics and Education, 6(3): 217-223. Retrieved from:

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