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Open Access & Education Research

This guide is intended as a resource on Open Access for faculty, researchers, and students at the University of Toronto with a focus on open access in the field of education.

Open Journals

Journal Production Services (JPS) provided by the University of Toronto Libraries allows University of Toronto's faculty and students to host academic journals in an open journal platform. Its goal is to assist journal editors during each stage of the publishing process, from submission through to online publication. Visit the JPS site to see the collection of journals hosted by the University of Toronto Libraries. If you are interested in publishing a journal, please contact


TSpace is a robust collection of digital holdings that showcase and preserve the work of scholars from the entire University of Toronto community, while simultaneously increasing the visibility of their research. Since TSpace ensures that your research will be assigned permanent URLs and receive priority indexing on search engines such as Google, faculty research will have a greater impact. For more information on how U of T’s Research Repository can help you publicize and preserve your research, read the TSpace brochure or contact

Faculty and Student OA Publications

The University of Toronto publishes a wide range of scholarly journals through Journal Publishing Services (JPS) including both professional and student-led journals. See the complete list at JPS. Some examples are:

Lectures on OA

Open access to research is coming.  What is to be done? (video) 
Professor John Willinsky, School of Education, Stanford University at OISE
October 22nd, 2009

OA Scholarship and Teaching – Why Should It Matter to You? (video)
Leslie Chan (Knowledge Media Design Institute, UTSC) at OISE
Fall 2008

Innovative Projects in the Publishing of Open Educational Resources (video)
Stian Håklev (OISE graduate student)
October, 2009

The Impact of Open Access in the Disciplines (video) 
Gage Averill, Amrita Daniere, Ulli Krull, Mary Ann Mavrinac, Eyal Reingold at UTM
Oct. 22, 2009

Note: to view these videos, you may be required to download Real Player.