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Open Access & Education Research

This guide is intended as a resource on Open Access for faculty, researchers, and students at the University of Toronto with a focus on open access in the field of education.

Find OA Education Journals

Search hundreds of free, full-text, online journals that provide scholarly research in the field of education using OA directories such as:

Canadian OA Education Journals - Some Examples

Many Canadian universities publish open access education research journals. Some examples include:

Find Education Research in OA Repositories

Institutional Repositories (IR) are one way that institutions, such as universities, can provide free access to academic work. In addition to journals, you may also want to search repositories (like the UofT's TSpace) to find OA research from education scholars and students.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

ERIC is the largest online digital library of education research and information available. The database contains education journals, reports, conference papers, bibliographies, curricula, and theses and dissertations from 1966 to present.

ERIC provides direct access to full text when permission has been granted by the copyright owner, or if the document is in the public domain. If ERIC cannot obtain publisher permission to provide free online access, the materials will still be indexed.