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Useful resources for 4th year biology thesis students at UTSC.

Search Strategy - What is the impact of climate change on sea turtle populations?


Key Concepts   Related Term   Related Term   Related Term
climate change" OR "global warming" OR   OR  
"sea turtles" OR "marine turtles" OR Chelonioidea OR  
population OR "population size" OR   OR  
gender OR female OR male OR  

Activity: Identify Keywords and Develop a Search Strategy

As we did with the sea turtle topic, let's identify keywords and synonyms.

1. write down your topic by finishing the sentence(s):

  • My topic is about....
  • This topic is important because....
  • This topic relates to....

2. from the sentences, identify the main concepts of the topic.

  • Use 1 post it note per keyword

3. identify synonyms or related terms

  • Use 1 post it note per synonym

4. use Boolean operators to build your search

  • Use a different colour post it note for your operators and write down whether you will use AND or OR or NOT