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Useful resources for 4th year biology thesis students at UTSC.

Article Databases

Continuing your Research

Get Started

1. Write YOUR TOPIC 

2. List KEYWORDS related to your topic. 

Find Journal Articles

3. List TWO DATABASES you might search for articles on your topic. Consider why you chose them. Does the journal relate to biology? Is the database focused on ecology/biology and current events? Is the database helpful to find Canadian content?

4. Find a JOURNAL ARTICLE on your topic. Write the APA citation. 

5. Find a NEWS OR MAGAZINE ARTICLE on your topic. Write the APA Citation


6. Do you have any QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS about your research for this assignment? Use your ticket out the door to write down your question and the librarian will build an FAQ to help share tips and answer questions.

Activity: Search Strategy Peer Discussion

Share with a peer:

  • What your search is
  • Where you got stuck or where the search worked

Peer response

  • give a tip or advice on the search strategy.

3 Quick Tips

1. When you find an article in a research database look for the getit!button to access the article's full-text online through the library!

2. No database has everything! That means we suggest you search at least 2 or 3 databases to find scholarly articles on your topic. 

3. Did you can ask a librarian for help after work hours? If you are having trouble finding articles or help with what database to use, then Ask Chat with a Librarian to talk to a real person even up to 10pm on certain days. Ask Chat with a Librarian hours and details

Evaluating Journals

Mobile access to library resources