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United States federal government information

A guide to identify US governmental resources prepared by Sam-chin Li, University of Toronto Libraries

Major collection

The majority of U.S. government titles cannot be found by searching the library catalogue, but can only be located through searching tools such as the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (Monthly Catalog), indexes, online databases and search engines.


The major US government collection (in microform) is housed in the basement of Robarts Library and in the microfiche cabinets on the fifth floor of Robarts Library.  To request an item from the basement,  go to the Askus Desk on the 2nd floor of Robarts Library.

This collection is filed under two systems in the Library:

Indexed by the Catalog of the United States Government Publications

Details of the Collection:


Government web harvest: Congressional and Federal (The National Archives, 2004+)


Catalog of United States Government Publications (also called the Monthly Catalog) is the most comprehensive source of information on federal government publications.

Monthly publication since 1895, cumulated seminannually and annually.


Indian Affairs

Scientific Sources


Periodical Indexes

Historical Sources