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Canadian government publications


Statistics Canada

  • Central statistical agency for Canada and the provinces

  • Print materials: visit the Government Publications Collection on the 5th floor of Robarts (filed by Statistics Canada number, eg. 12-008)

  • mid-1990s+ on the web

  • Print Census can be found on the 4th floor of Robarts, adjacent to the Reference desk

  • Canadian microdata sources also available through the Data Library (under Research data)

NOTE: University of Toronto faculty, students and staff should not pay for any Statistics Canada data or statistics without first checking the Data Library site and/or with Data Library staff.

Statistics Canada

 1. Statistics Canada website
  • Searches across publications, summary and detailed tables, the census, analytical studies, news releases and more. Also provides broad subject access.

  1. Publications - Current and historical, goes back to 1980. Print coverage is not complete; consult Statistics Canada catalogue
  2. Thesaurus
  3. Standard classifications

2. Statistics Canada catalogue print

  • StatCan number 11-204

  • Access to earlier print publications

  • 1994 and 1997 are kept at the 4th floor Reference desk
 3. Historical catalogue of Statistics Canada publications, 1918-1980 print
  • SC 11-512 Kept at the 4th floor Reference desk
 4. Historical statistics of Canada
  • 2nd ed. From 1867 to the mid 1970s

  • Print copies of the 1st and 2nd eds. kept at the 4th floor Reference desk
 5. Canada year book historical collection, 1867-1967
 6. Bibliocat
  • Statistics Canada's own library catalogue

  • Includes the "complete inventory of current and historical Statistics Canada publications".
 7. How to Cite Statistics Canada Products

Data Library

Finding Canadian Statistics

  • Links to electronic databases (some restricted)

  • The best starting point for CANSIM, Statistics Canada's key socio-economic database

  • Not limited to Statistics Canada

  • Includes broad subject access

  • Provides time series (variables tracked over time)


1. Census overview table (Data Library)
  • Overview for all censuses of where to find different data, i.e., in the Data Library, on the Statistics Canada website, or in print

  • Links to Data Library home pages for each census for more detailed information

  • For census volumes only in print, provides searchable StatCan catalogue listings or tables of contents
2. Searching aggregate data tables (Data Library)
  • Search for specific variables
3. Census questions since Confederation (Statistics Canada)
4. Census dictionary, 2006 (Statistics Canada)
  • "Provides detailed information on every aspect of the Census of Population"

  • Includes "supplemental plain language definitions for certain variables, without census or Statistics Canada jargon, [to] help users better understand the meaning of the definitions"
5. Find your Census tract number (Statistics Canada)
  • Via postal code or map.
6. Beyond 20/20 software (Data Library)
  • The Census files distributed by the DLI and held by the Data Library often require Beyond 20/20 software

  •  Includes download information and links to tutorials

Selected statistics from other agencies

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Statistics on the housing and rental markets
  • Search under Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (as an author) in the UTL catalogue for print publications
Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators, 2005+
Facts and figures, immigration overview, 1997+ print
  • CA1..CI........-F12
Immigration statistics, 1956-1996 print
  • CA1..MI..61....-I41
Labour gazette, 1900/01-1978 print
  • CA1..L.......L13
  • Provides various labour statistics over the years, e.g., cost of living
Manpower in Canada, 1931 to 1961 - Historical Statistics of the Canadian labour force print
  • CA1..MI..1569M13
Wage rates, salaries and hours of labour, 1975-1983 print
  • CA1..L...21....-W14
Wage rates, salaries and hours of labour. Annual report, 1901/1920-1973 print
  • CA1..L...21....-W13