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Health Studies Resources @ UTSC

Search this guide to find resources for your Health Studies assignments.

Can't Find Full Text of an Article?

Not finding the full text of your article?

Check out Finding Full Text tips under the Get Help! tab in this research guide

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Use an Article to Find Additional Resources

Found a great article? You can use that article to find even more resources by looking at:

Article's Reference list

  • Journal articles are also useful for their reference lists, which can provide follow-up resources and new “leads” on relevant information.  

Cited By option (when available) to see articles that used yours in theirs reference list 

  • Alternatively, if you have an article that is particularly relevant to your topic, you can do a “cited reference search” in Web of Knowledge to see which other papers have cited your source.  This can lead you to more recent perspectives on the topic in question. 

Using "Search All" in UTL Catalogue

From the UTSC Library main page, select "Search All" tab to search articles, journals, and books (print and electronic)

screenshot of UTSC library catalogue with Search All Tab highlighted

Search results will be organized in 4 categories

  • Articles
  • Catalogue (books, ebooks, journals, audio visual resources )
  • eJournals
  • Research guides

Click on "View all ... " in each section to see the complete listing of results

Search results' categories - articles, catalogue, ejournals  

Viewing Article Record

Your search results will be displayed as Article Records displaying a citation for each article and sometimes subject headings that you could incorporate into your search

Access the full text of article in an eJournal by clicking on the article title (hyperlink).
If you run into problems, check Get Help Tab,

Click on "Details" button to read the Article Abstract and find out more about the article without having to leave the UTL Catalogue

article record from search results highlighting article citation, subject headings and Details tab

Refine / Narrow your Search Results

You can also use the library catalogue to search by subject, but be aware that you will be pulling results from all disciplines so results might not be relevant to your search topic. This means you need to narrowing or refining your search results.

First you can refine your search in several ways:

  1. Scholarly journals
  2. Full text online 
  3. Subject - Refine your search by subject by clicking on "more..." to see a complete list of the subject headings (see Narrow by Subject Heading)
  4. Date - Slide the scroll at the bottom and narrow down the date range for your article results

Search results page highlighting Total no.of results, options under 'Refine your search"


More 'Refine your search' options - Subjects (click on More... link to open full list), Time period