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Government publications: Where to start

International governmental organizations (IGOs)

United Nations on Fotopedia

Publications (ie. books and journals) from IGOs are usually held in paper by the Library and can therefore be searched in the Library catalogue.

The working documents of an organization (eg. the United Nations) may be held in a large set.

Since the mid-1990s, IGOs have made many full-text publications and documents freely available on the Internet.

See also individual IGO sites:


  • indexes United Nations documents. 
  • Tip: Take the document numbers you find there (eg. E/CN.4/1999/164) to the UN microfiche set (1946+ ) on the 5th floor, Robarts Library, or to the Official document system of the United Nations.

Official document system of the United Nations

  • full text documents starting from 1993

OECD iLibrary

  • online access to OECD publications and databases
  • University of Toronto community users only
  • online information about the World Bank
  • access to this organization's publications, data and research

Europa: Gateway to the European Union

  • official portal of the European Union
  • online, up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs
  • includes legislation currently in force or under discussion
  • access the websites of each of the EU institutions