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Aboriginal Law in Canada

Use this guide for researching Aboriginal issues in Canadian law. It will help you to identify quickly the key legal treatises, legislation and most significant cases along with their analyses; news rss are also provided



Native Law Centre – very reliable online research centre prepared by the University of Saskatchewan; contains many useful sources for law students considering specialization in Aboriginal law

Library and Archives Canada / Aboriginal Peoples Collection provides access to a rich selection of resources ranging from databases to virtual displays

A Select and Annotated Bibliography regarding Bill C-31, Indian registration and band membership prepared by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada, annotated bibliography of monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings, etc. focusing on Aboriginal women                                  

Aboriginal Portal at the UBC coming from the University of British Columbia's First Nations library online this page devoted to Aboriginal law, includes many links to online sources of Aboriginal law; selected Canadian, American & international sources

Canadian Aboriginal Law, Indian Law  - Canadian Law Information page points to the main events and documents pertinent to Canadian aboriginal law

Office of the Treaty Commissioner – website of an establishment charged with the responsibility to coordinate research on treaty issues in Saskatchewan; contains many useful links and information on treaties in the province; note a lot of content geared towards high school audience 

National Centre for First Nations Governance - website of an organization attempting to educate Aboriginal peoples through knowledge and research in the area of self-governance; contains an  online library with many useful and difficult to find elsewehere research papers related to Aboriginal law


Commission on First Nations and Metis Peoples and Justice Reform  final report (2004) of the commission established by the Saskatchewan government to examine the treatment of Aboriginal people by the Canadian justice system

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples  - final report (1996) of the royal commission concerning the government policy with regard to Aboriginal people based on the history of relations as well as it offers guidelines for future policies


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - official website of the department of the Government of Canada responsible for Aboriginal affairs

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – This government website provides a window into First Nations programs and government services.  There is also an interesting section on government policy with regard to aboriginals and statistical information.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission – website of a on ongoing commission established in 2008 with the mandate to learn the truth about the residential schools in Canada; contains many useful links to resources about residential schools, the residential schools settlement agreements as well as website of various Aboriginal organizations


Assembly of First Nations - contains current information on the activities and opinions of the Assembly of First Nations

Inuit Tapirit Kanatami – website produced by the organization representing the interests of the Inuit peoples of Canada; contains PDFs of some publications

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples - contains information regarding CAP, a lobby group that speaks on behalf of the Aboriginal people living off-reserve and Metis people

Metis National Council - main lobby group of the Metis people in Canada; includes direct links to some cases

Native Women’s Association of Canada - website of an organization representing interests of Aboriginal women; the Research & Data page on this website contains useful articles and links to documents addressing the legal challenges the organization is currently involved in