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A-Z: Best Sources in Canadian Law by Topic

Use this guide as a starting point for any research that involves Canadian law. It will help you to identify quickly the key legal treatises and legislation and will point you to other more in-depth resources.


  • an area of tort law that deals with the breach of duty to take care and involves harm caused by carelessnes, not intentional harm
  • five elements are required to establish a prima facie case of negligence: 1. the existence of a legal duty to exercise reasonable care; 2.a failure to exercise reasonable care;3. cause in fact of physical harm by the negligent conduct; 4.physical harm in the form of actual damages; and 5. proximate cause, a showing that the harm is within the scope of liability.
  • this area of law is based primarily on jurisprudence
  • related topics include: Tort, Damages, Class Actions, Commercial, Criminal, Evidence (Civil), Health, Medical, Nuisance, Remedies & Restitution law (see the appropriate pages in this guide)

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