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A-Z: Best Sources in Canadian Law by Topic

Use this guide as a starting point for any research that involves Canadian law. It will help you to identify quickly the key legal treatises and legislation and will point you to other more in-depth resources.


  • exclusively federal matter
  • bankruptcy and insolvency law cuts across almost every field of private law, as the rights that are created in other fields of law can no longer be vindicated in the usual form through the ordinary civil process once insolvency proceedings are commenced
  • it provides a legislative framework for the liquidation of the assets of an insolvent individual, corporation or partnership, and the distribution of the proceeds in a fair and orderly way among the creditors; it also provides for the appointment of a trustee to take charge of the assets, sell them and distribute the proceeds.
  • relevant act: Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, RSC 1985, c B-3
  • related topics include: Debtor & Creditor and Personal Property (see the appropriate pages in this guide)

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