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Library Support for Your Course and Your Students

This guide is meant as a resource for faculty and TAs teaching courses that may benefit from library support.

Instructor Resources

This page includes a collection of student resources which you can immediately embed into your course.  Please contact your liaision librarian if you have any questions. 

Assignment Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to help your students break down their assignments or projects inot manageable steps, direct htem to useful guides and services (particularly the Library and Writing Centres.) 

Promote the Library in your Syllabi

Please encourage your students to seek research assistance in the library.  Suggest they visit the library, and consider adding a short statement about the library to your syllabi:

Citation Resources

Consider providing students with a guide for the citation style you want them to use.  Students often have minimal knowledge of citation styles and would benefit greatly from a 'how to' guide.  You may also wish to provide them with information about citation software supported by the University of Toronto.

Library Resources in Blackboard

You will find a "Library Resources" button in your Blackboard course(s) which highlights library resources relevant to your discipline.  Contact your liaison librarian if you'd like to customize this link. 

Note:  Instructors at UTSC will also find this service available in the Intranet.