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Library Support for Your Course and Your Students

This guide is meant as a resource for faculty and TAs teaching courses that may benefit from library support.

Faculty Librarian Collaboration

Faculty and librarians can create rich learning experiences for students by collaborating to embed information literacy into course content.  Courses with successful collaborations display common themes:

  • strong collaborative relationships amongst instructors and librarians,
  • research instruction based on course goals,
  • assessment of learning, and
  • reflection on what worked and what didn't work.

Here are four different examples of University of Toronto librarians and faculty working together to develop students’ abilities to effectively find, evaluate, create, use and present knowledge within the context of their respective disciplines.

Course:  HIS1997H The Practice of History
Librarians: Sara McDowell (History) and Sam-chin Li and Eveline Houtman (Government Publications)
Faculty: Professor Lori Loeb

Course: VIC184 - Individuals & the Public Sphere: Cultural Memory
Librarians: Lisa J. Sherlock and Roma Kail
Faculty Dr. Anne Urbincic

Course: DEN207 Community Dentistry
Librarians: Maria Buda and Helen He
Faculty:  Dr. Amir Azarpazhooh

Course: POL2810Y MA Research Seminar
Librarian: Jenny Mendelsohn
Faculty:  Professor Michael Stein
Faculty wishing to integrate information literacy outcomes into a course can contact their liaison librarian.