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BIO464H5: Biodiversity and Conservation

Resource Guide for BIO464


Refworks allows you to...

  • Create a searchable database of references
  • Insert Citations into a document
  • Generate a bibliography

A few final tips...

  • Include references in your presentations; Citing is NOT just for reports/papers
  • Every reference you include MUST be cited in your paper; if you don't use it, don't include it
  • Quality of evidence is important - evaluate your resources before you cite them

Nature Style

Here are a few key items for citing in Nature Style:

  • References are numbered in sequential order, as they appear in the text, with only one publication listed for each number.
  • All authors should be included in reference lists unless there are more than five, in which case only the first author should be given, followed by ‘et al.’.
  • Authors should be listed surname first, followed by a comma and initials of given names.
  • Titles of articles cited in reference lists are not italicized; the first word of the title is capitalized and the title is written exactly as it appears in the work cited. Book titles are italicized with all main words capitalized.
  • Journal titles are italicized and abbreviated according to common usage. Volume numbers are bold. The publisher and city of publication are required for books cited. 
  • References to websites should give authors if known, title of cited page, URL in full, and year of posting in parentheses.