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ACMA01: Find Resources for your Final Essay

You must use 3 sources for your final essay. You may use encyclopedia entries, books, scholarly articles, or newspaper articles.

Books - FAQ

Why use books?  

  • Books from the university library are generally scholarly (written by scholars for other scholars on academic topics)
  • Books are longer than articles so you can often gain a broader understanding of a topic
  • Books can be easier to read than journal articles if you don't know anything about a topic

Why avoid books?  

  • If your instructor said not to use them
  • If your topic requires very up-to-date information

Example: if you were researching a scientific or technological concept, you might avoid books as these areas change extremely quickly, and the books you find may be out-of-date even if they were published recently.  

Search the Catalogue

Searching the Catalogue

You have already learned how to find books from UTSC Library and other U of T libraries in catalogue.  Please find a review below.  Ask for assistance in the Library if you have any questions or concerns.

Search for books in the library catalogue.

Use the same method - combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT. For example, here's a search for the history of smallpox in the library catalogue. You can also click on "Advanced Search" to get a multi-field search screen.


Find Books in UTSC Library

Finding booksCheck that the book is IN and then write down the CALL NUMBER (example: TK7882.E2 N497 2006).  This is the system you use to organize and retrive books from the shelves (also called 'Stacks') in the Library.  If you have any trouble finding a book you want, ask a librarian to help you.  Take any books you want to borrow to the front desk (circulation desk) and show your T-card. 

Tip:  Books are shelved by topic.  If you find one book, look on the same shelf and you will probably find more.

Order a Book from Another UTSC Library

intercampus delivery

You can borrow books from other U of T libraries.   For example, this book is at the Criminology Library downtown.  If you would like to borrow this book, just click 'Request' and enter the barcode from your T-card and your PIN (last 4 digits of your student number).  The book will arrive at the Circulation Desk at UTSC Library in 3 BUSINESS DAYS. 

You will receive an e-mail letting you know it's arrived.  Remember your T-card to borrow the book.

More about Borrowing Books