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Pharmacy eResources: Summer Research

Starting points

Sample Search Strategy

Inner rectifier potassium channels and mechanism of gating

      Start with your keywords e.g. inner rectifier postassium channels (make sure that Map Term to Subject Heading is checked)

      MeSH Potassium Channels, Inwardly Rectifying

      MeSH Ion Channel Gating

      Combine with AND

Medication Reconciliation in emergency

      MeSH  Medication Reconciliation/

      Keyword   medication

      Adjacent  medication adj3 reconciliation

(medication adj3 reconciliation).mp. [mp=title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subject heading word, keyword heading word, protocol supplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier]

Before 2011   Medication Errors/pc [Prevention & Control]

Add emergency room search => exp Emergency Service, Hospital/

Combine with AND

Model for Graduate Level Searching

1. Search subject indexes
2. Identify reviews
3. Search for ancestors
4. Search for descendants
5. Identify key documents
6. Current awareness
Linda G. Ackerson. “Basing reference service on scientific communication: toward a more effective model for science graduate students” (1996) Reference Quarterly, 36: 248-257.