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Pharmacy eResources: EBM Resources

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<<< This is a sample of the hundreds of books and journals at U of T on evidence-based medicine.

To search for more, go to the Library Catalogue (below) and type in evidence-based medicine and choose Subject from the drop down menu.

OR, enter words from the title or the name of the author and choose one of those options from the drop-down menu.

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EBM Research Guides

Best Resources for Evidence Based Medicine

  • Visit this guide for an explanation of the EBM Resources Pyramid and Most and Less "Distilled" EBM Resources.

Systematic reviews: tips for literature searches

Most Distilled

Diseases and Conditions

Clinical Evidence

  • Published by BMJ, Clinical Evidence is an international source of the best evidence for effective health care. Updated regularly, it contains information about more than 200 medical conditions and over 2000 treatments.


  • UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical information resource that provides the information in an encyclopedic format with references to clinical trials.


Lexi-comp ONLINE

  • Comprehensive source of drug information including interaction analysis, and patient-level drug leaflets. Allows searching under Canadian brand name of drug.

Micromedex/Clinical Xpert

  • Source for summaries of drug information including drug interactions and alternative medicine; also disease information. Clinical checklists under disease provide recommendations based on the strength of evidence.

Natural Medicines Database

  • Founded by clinicians and researchers to provide evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies. Several different databases provide evidence-based information according to medical condition, food/herb/supplement, brand name, and more.

Less distilled

Cochrane Library

  • Updated quarterly, it includes The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (complete reviews as well as protocols of reviews in progress), Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (citations to other systematic reviews produced outside of the Cochrane Collaboration), The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, and The Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews (a bibliography of articles on the science of research synthesis), Health Technology Assessment, and NHS Economic Evauation Database. 

PubMed Clinical Queries

  • The specialized search provided by this service has built-in search filters based on the findings of R.B. Haynes, et al. at McMaster University. Searches can be limited to articles on therapy, diagnosis, etiology, or prognosis, and can emphasize sensitivity or specificity. In addition, clinicians can search for systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence based medicine, and more. There is also a specialized search function to find citations and abstracts related to various topics in medical genetics.

TRIP: Turning Research Into Practice

  • The TRIP database began in 1997 with a purpose to allow health professionals to easily find the highest-quality material available on the web to help support evidence based practice. TRIP searches a wealth of online evidence resources simultaneously and links directly to results, saving time. Results are filtered and displayed by categories such as Evidence Based Synopsis, Clinical Questions, Systematic Review or MEDLINE articles.Photographic quality Medical Images and Patient Information brochures are available through TRIP.