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Vic Ready: Career Exploration Resources

Databases for Research on Particular Industries/Sectors

Free resources (no UTORid required)

A lesser-know Canadian Government resource that provides information on Canadian job sectors (including the current employment outlook/ state of hiring and growth, average wages, employment requirements etc.). You may wish to search the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to identify job titles and descriptions.

Industry data on some indicators from Statistics Canada.

On this sub site of the Federal Government's Revenue Canada site, you can search for non-profit and charitable organizations by name to see information such as number of employees a, their recent years' total revenue and generally how the funds are spent.

Entrepreneurship Research

Thinking about a startup?

That requires multi-step, focused research and planning (size of the market, competitors, patents, financing, business plan writing, etc.)
We offer this link to a great guide on the research you will need to do if you are considering founding a startup.
It was created by U of T's Entrepreneurship Librarian.