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VIC187: Prosperity, Justice & Sustainability: Intro to Public Policy

Public policy: reports, research papers +

graphic of an arrow pointing left(Use the menu at left for different sections of this guide.)

Policy Commons

Search tool for reports, white papers, briefs etc. on public policy issues. Narrow by country of publication.

Example of a search (duration: 1 and 1/2 minutes):

(Note: there is no sound/no narration on this video, it is purely visual screen capture of a sample search)


Canadian Public Documents Collection (Online)

Publications from Canadian public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups.

RECOMMENDATION: search by broad keyword (in the drop down menu) for your topic and you can limit to specific time range (years of publication).


Canadian Think Tanks Collection (Online)

Start from the same Scholars Portal Books search for Canadian Public Documents (above) but change the Collection to "Canadian Think Tanks" (as shown below). 

RECOMMENDATION: search in anywhere (in the drop down menu) for your topic. The year limit is problematic, you can sort by "Recently Published" and scroll through the results.

Screenshot of Scholars Portal search in Canadian Think Tanks Collection with both the term "energy" in an anywhere search and the collection name highlighted by an arrow.