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Learn the fundamentals of financial research & analysis.

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What is Capital IQ?

Capital IQ is a research and data analysis tool used to retrieve information on public & private companies, including: 

  • financial statements
  • M&A activity
  • debt, equity offerings and IPOs
  • corporate executives
  • compensation
  • comparable companies
  • precedent transactions
  • custom charts
  • macroeconomic data
  • financial modeling
  • news

How to Access

Capital IQ is ONLY available in the Lab (IC306).  Click the Google Chrome icon "CIQ" on the computer desktop. 

How to use the Excel Plug-in

Launch "Excel > Click the "Capital IQ" tab > click "Home Page" button 


Note: You will no longer be able to access Capital IQ via a web browser. If you wish to access this database, please follow the above instructions after opening Excel (on the desktop) to access the software. No login will be required."

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