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SOC375 Sociology of International Migration

Scholarly/Academic Sources & Peer Review

Check out our YouTube video for information on scholarly/academic sources and an explanation of peer review.

Need help researching a current event? Check out the University of Tennessee Knoxville's YouTube video for an explanation of the information cycle.

Finding Articles Using a Database

Use the databases below to find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.  Hover over links for descriptions of the databases.


 Check out our YouTube video tutorial for instructions on how to search 
Sociological Abstracts  The tips and tricks describe in the video can also be used to search other databases.

Click here for additional information on boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT), truncation (*), quotation marks (" "), and wildcard (?) searching.
Need help developing keywords?  Check out the University of Houston Libraries' YouTube video.

Political Science:



Is Your Article Peer-Reviewed?

Not sure if your article is peer-reviewed? Check out our guide below for instructions on how to search Ulrich's Periodical.