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RLG 208 Introduction to Zoroastrianism

Spring 2015


Dear RLG208 Students,

This guide is designed to help you investigate and examine the questions outlined in Assignment #2.

You are expected to analyze the evidence on the topic of your assignment and will need to access scholarly sources using discipline-specific databases to do so. 

A range of sources are in the guide, focusing on history and religion. For the examination of eschatological doctrines, you will focus more on relgious sources provided under the Assignment 2 Tab.

For further analysis and to support your research regarding Jewish or Christian or Islamic eschatology, you will focus on finding scholarly sources using the databases provided in the Finding Articles section. 

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A big thank you to Elaine Goettler for allowing the use of her carefully collected content in this guide. This guide has been modified to reflect the new structure of Assignment 2.