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MDSB62H3: Visual Culture and Communication

This library guide will assist you in finding the resources that you need in order to complete the assignments for courses in MDSB62H3, including the annotated bibliography and the visual essay.


Welcome to the Libguide for MDSB62H3 - Visual Culture and Communication!

This resource is meant to serve as an introduction and guide to the various resources you will need in order to successfully complete you assignments and course work. This course explores the media contexts in which images are made and circulated, the meanings they acquire, and the cultural work that they do, and asks you to complete four assignments in a scaffolded way. The four assignments consist of:

  • A proposal 
  • An annotated bibliography 
  • A Storyboard, and, 
  • A Visual Essay


Important Dates

Here is a list of Important Dates for this course:


Annotated Bibliography October 9 5%
Proposal October 9 5%
Storyboard November 6 8%
Storyboard Peer Editing Workshop November 13 2%
Visual Essay and introduction  November 30 25%
Library session  September 25