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HIS221H5: Gaming the System: Perceiving the Middle Ages in Video Games

Be Consistent & Descriptive

1) If you obtain files from the Internet, check file names and change their names, following the file naming convention.

2) Make sure to design a meaningful file naming convention before uploading any file.

For example,
Year_Title-of-Work (e.g., 6thC_Shield-Ornament, 1483-1485-The-Rous-Roll.),
Year_Title-of-Work_Location (e.g., 6thC_Shield-Ornament_British-Museum, 1483-1485_The-Rous-Roll_British-Library.), OR
Year_Title-of-Journal-Article (e.g., 2020_Game-of-Thrones-Music-in-Complex-TV)

Do NOT include any space. If you do, %20 would be added by the browser to replace the space between the words.


1. (Original Image Source)

  • The original image name: BMImages_00981054001_preview.jpeg
  • The revised name: 6thC_Shield-Ornament_British-Museum.jpeg


  • The original image name: 143271.jpg
  • The revised name: 1483-1485_The-Rous-Roll_British-Library.jpg

You might be able to find detailed information somewhere else within the same institution. See This site is more helpful when you create metadata.


  • The original image name: main-image.jpeg
  • The revised name: Round-Box-Brooch_MetMuseum


  • The original image name: SC266453.jpg
  • The revised name: 14thC_Pendant-MFA_Boston.jpg

5. (Original Journal Article)

  • The original file name: project_muse_751015.pdf
  • The revised name: 2020_Game-of-Thrones-Music-in-Complex-TV.pdf