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HIS221H5: Gaming the System: Perceiving the Middle Ages in Video Games

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about Omeka

"Omeka is an open-source web-publishing platform primarily designed to showcase cultural collections and exhibitions. Omeka combines the functionalities of web content and collection management system, as well as digital archival system" (Hannah Lewi, Wally Smith, Dirk vom Lehn, and Steven Cooke, 2019, p. 361).

Omeka S is widely used in cultural heritage institutions (e.g., museums) and for digital humanities curation because it helps the users to systematically create metadata, that is, structured information describing information resources/objects (images, audio files, etc) for a variety of purposes. Metadata supports, not only curation, but also efficient and enhanced discovery, retrieval, use, and preservation of information resources/objects over time. When metadata are systematically created, Semantic Web technologies specify and "interconnect linking and integrating data from multiple sources and subsequently being able to query and retrieve information across these different sources" (Aldalin Lyngdoh, 2014, p. 162).

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HIS221: Site Structure

★ The assignment requires creating pages, adding items and text to Omeka S, etc.

Omeka S Structure 2021 HIS221

The site structure above is based on the following page structure in Omeka S:

HIS221-Omeka S: Pages