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ESS360: Sedimentary Geology


Welcome to the GLG360H research guide

Sedimentary Geology

This is a selective guide to research sources available at the UofT Libraries and on the web.

This guide was compiled by Sarah Shujah

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Course Description

 GLG360H Sedimentary Geology

Tuesday and Thursday Noon - 1pm; Wednesday 2pm - 5pm

ES 2100

Instuctor: Andrew D. Miall
Office: ES 4090
Telephone: 416-978-8841

Department of Geology, University of Toronto

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Prof. Andrew D. Miall

Photograph of Professor Andrew D. Miall

Faculty Professor, University of Toronto

Environmental Canada Oilsands Advisory Panel

Other courses he teaches:     

  • GLG103H Geology and Public Issues
  • GLG430H Basin Analysis