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Entrepreneurship Research Workshops

This guide outlines the suite of entrepreneurship research workshops provided by the library, including Co-Curricular Record and Graduate Professional Skills workshops

Commercializing your Graduate Research

Does your thesis, research or prototype have application outside the academic realm? Are you interested in entrepreneurship as a potential career path? Find out how the process of research commercialization works for graduate students at U of T, what makes a good invention disclosure, and what you need to know about intellectual property, market research, and campus resources.

This three-hour workshop includes:
1. Orientation to campus resources for startups
-Students will work in small groups to explore sections of a virtual tour of campus resources including courses and programs, accelerators, work spaces, library resources, community resources and report back to the group on their findings
-Followed by 5-10 minutes for questions/group discussion

2.  Introduction to invention disclosures and research commercialization processes at U of T
-  Through activity-based learning, students will learn about invention disclosures and when inventions warrant patenting (20 min)
- Through interactive small-group exercise, students will analyze a case study of technology commercialization and report back to the group (30 min)
- Followed by 10-15 minutes for questions/group discussion          

3.  Introduction to library resources for business/market research
- Students will do hands-on industry research, trying different databases based on industry (students can choose an industry of interest or one that’s provided to them)
- Followed by discussion of their findings and additional search strategies


Instructor biographies

Carey Toane, BAA, MA, MLIS, joined U of T as Entrepreneurship Librarian at the Gerstein Science Information Centre in 2015. Her market research expertise is based on her experience as a business librarian at Western and York Universities, as well as over a decade as a marketing journalist and copywriter at digital agencies and startups.

Karen Temple, PhD, is Entrepreneurship Manager, Commercialization, at the Innovations and Partnerships Office at the University of Toronto. She has experience working with technology companies and startups to develop their customer base and scale their business.

Holly Inglis, MLIS, is Public Services Librarian at the Business Information Centre at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Holly has a BA (Hons) from the University of Guelph and an MLIS from Western. Prior to joining Rotman in 2012, she worked as a research specialist for the federal government.

Research commercialization reading list