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EESA01: Introduction to Environmental Science

A guide to resources for assignments in this course.


Welcome to the research guide for EESA01.

This guide will help you become familiar with different types scholarly information resources for environmental science research.

Use the navigation bar on the left or the table of contents links to start exploring the guide!


"Mixed-forest" by Oliver Herold - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Librarian Office Hours

If you want help finding that elusive bit of information or journal article for Chemistry or Environmental Sciences/Studies Courses come see your librarian!

If you can't make it during office hours make an appointment by e-mailing me (contact info on the left) or drop by at other times – I don’t bite, and if I’m busy the worst I’m going to do is ask if we can set an appointment time. 

I also encourage you to talk to the reference desk staff in the library especially if you are looking for assistance outside the hours I'm normally in my office.