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Research Guides

ECO209: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Supports the class taught by Prof. Robert McKeown.

Finding sources for your assignment

The purpose of this guide is to help you find sources to help you in your assignment, that is, to find sources that will help you develop and support your thesis statement.  

From the assignment:

"Research the topic to find relevant resources. Each student should provide 5-6 legitimate resources such as academic journals, reputable newspapers, and any raw data that you would like to use. Raw data from the World Bank, IMF, or national accounts may count as one resource.
- 'Fake news' will not be accepted.
- Wikipedia or other `wiki's' will not be accepted."

Types of sources

Scholarly articles

Articles written by an expert researcher or scholar on an academic topic published in a journal with an academic focus.  Most of these academic journal articles are peer reviewed, that is, they have been reviewed by other experts in the field. Peer review is both a quality control process and a selection process. 


Economics working papers

Working papers are semipublished research papers or preprints available on the internet, but not yet available in books or journals. Their purpose is to overcome the problems of publishing lag, to publish research before it becomes obsolete, to disseminate information quickly. They also allow authors to receive informal feedback. Not all working papers go on to formal publication.


Popular articles

Articles written for a more general audience, usually by journalists, possibly in a newsmagazine such as The Economist.


Newspaper articles

Most newspapers are available on the internet, but there may be limits on how much content you can access. You can also access newspaper articles through the library's newspaper databases. Check out this research guide to get started. 

N.B. Be wary of fake news!



May be written by an economist or a reliable organization, may be written by your friend. See these evaluation guidelines.


Encyclopedia articles

Encyclopedia articles are not research resources, though they may summarize research on a topic. Use them for background and for references to other sources, but generally don't quote them in your paper. This is as true for library resources as it is for Wikipedia. You'll need to be careful then not to unconsciously use the ideas from encyclopedias without attribution.



Getting research help

If you have questions or need help with your research, please  Ask us! (chat or email)