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Research Guides

CRI427 - Organized Crime and Corruption


Below is a select list of resources for students wishing to consult outside sources for their substantial papers.  Included are the library search engine, a selection of journal and newspaper databases, and tips for accessing dvds and online videos.


Use this search box to find books, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc., or access Summon from the main library homepage

Journal Databases

ProQuest and EBSCO

Unlike Summon, which is a unitary mega-database, ProQuest and EBSCO are both multi-file databases, which means you can search:

  • each database as a whole
  • a selection of files from each database
  • individual files

The most relevant files are listed under each resource:


For a list of individual files choose the Databases/Change databases link at the top of the screen and make your selections (see the following list for recommendations)



Make your selections from the list on the initial screen


Additional Databases

News and Current Events

Sample Search:

  • Enter you keywords, e.g., organized crime in the search box
  • Access the Date drop down menu to specify a date range
  • Select the Source filter to limit your search to e.g., newspapers
  • Click e.g., Newspapers: All to add to search, or click the plus (+) sign and continue to drill down to select desired resources

Global Newsstream



Use the catalogue to access movies and television programs.


  • Perform a search on organized crime
  • On the results screen, select Videos & DVDs from the Format filter (left menu)
  • Most DVDs are available for loan at Media Commons, 3rd floor of Robarts
  • For online videos select Other under the Format filter or Online near the top of the menu
  • This search generated the following hitlist