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BME440: Biomedical engineering technology & investigation


Welcome to the BME 440 Biomedical Engineering Technology & Investigation library research guide!

This guide is designed to help you find credible resources for your assignments and design project.

Step 1: Understanding the Content

To find facts and background information look in Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Textbooks (see the "Find Books" tab for more information on using the library catalogue).

Step 2: Still Working on Understanding the Content

To find more in-depth background information, try looking for books or review articles that summarize the topic  (see the "Find Books"  or the "Find Articles" tab depending on which type of material you want).

Step 3: Questioning what you have read/Back to the origin of the information

Time to head back to the source and to look for primary research articles. (See the "Find Articles" tab for more information on searching article databases).