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APS111: Engineering Strategies & Practice

Doing research is hard! But you can get help!

Finding information for your assignments can be hard! Sometimes you have to try many different words or combinations of words to find what you want. Sometimes you have to search using databases you are unfamiliar with. If you are struggling to find information, or have spent more than 10 minutes trying to find a particular piece of information or don't know where to start ask the library staff for help! The Engineering & Computer Science Library staff know about your assignment and are happy to help you find the information you need.

Options for getting help are listed below:

Getting help at the Reference Desk

Visit the Engineering & Computer Science Library (10 King's College Road, Sandford Fleming Building, 2nd floor, room 2402) and talk with one of our reference desk staff. 

Hours for the service can be found in the link below: 

Getting help through email

Email your question to the Engineering & Computer Science Library reference staff at Response times are usually within 24 hours. In your email mention that this is a question for "APS111" or "ESP" to help staff answer your question quicker. 


Ask a Librarian Chat

This chat is not staffed by engineering librarians but by librarians from all across the University of Toronto. Staff here may be able to help you find some of the information you need but may not be able to assist you will all of your design questions. For the more tricky engineering design questions please use the Engineering Reference Help Desk service or email above. 

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